Multi-cultural Music Festival

Multi-cultural Music Festival

The international concert with many musicians, even more instruments and a big audience was a real challenge for the stage and the location in the jazz club. The idea behind the Grundtvig Workshop according to managing director Barbara Brauckman is that adults from countries throughout Europe share a typical song from their home country which they teach to the others and present it after having rehearsed for five days. The participants described this experience as "exhausting and very intensive but nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves and have a really good feeling about it", as one of the participants said happily.

Arrangement and coordination had been done by the jazz professionals Markus Schlesag and Gerald Braumandl from Passau. Their national contribution: the popular ballad "Guten Abend, gute Nacht" by the Romantic composer Johannes Brahms.

Except for the songs the common language of the guests from Latvia, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Austria was English. Unusual instruments like the Turkish/Greek Oud, die Oriental Kanun and the Turkish Saz made the multi-cultural character complete. With eleven singers in a lively a capella-choir conducted by Corina from Romania or Pedro's Portuguese song about love sickness European diversity was displayed as well as the fact that our continent has a connecting language in music. Bravo!

Source: Passauer Neue Presse 7 April 2012