Vocational training project “Care for Care” at the BAP in Passau

The vocation training within the project “Care for Care” has started at the 1st of September 2013 (October 2013)

Luckily, nine out of ten participants successfully passed the three-month internship and the accompanying language course and started the vocational training on the 1st of September 2013. Six geriatric care facilities in Passau offered the participants a vocational training position: The Caritas House Maria Hilf, the Seniorenstift Passau, the senior center Rosenium Tiefenbach, the senior residence PWS Passau and the AWO Betty-nursing home. One of the participants does the vocational training at the bakery Hoft in order to become a baker. Despite initial skepticism, the facilities are now enthusiastic about the high motivation of the Spanish and Hungarian trainees and wish that they remain in Passau.
The first difficult adjustment period in a foreign country is now over and our participants are slowly becoming more independent and integrated. A perfect example for this is how the participants together with other residents of Passau helped to save their new hometown during the period of flood. Thanks goes to our contact person here in Passau Patricia Vasquez, who takes care of the participants if they need any help or advice and always has an open ear for them as well. Without her it would have been difficult for our participants to feel that well in Passau.
However, it gets more challenging for our participants as they have to compete within the vocational training with native speakers and have to learn at the same speed and level as them. It is especially remarkable as the Spanish and Hungarian participants did not spoke a word in German at the beginning of the year.
We are very curious about how the vocational training of our participants will go on and wish them all the best on their way. However, one thing has become already clear: our trainees are a great added value for the region. We hope that the first positive impressions of this pilot project are an incentive for other companies and institutions to also take part in the project “Care for Care”.

Young future geriatric care professionals from Spain and Hungary were officially welcomed in Passau (4th of Mai 2013)

On May 3rd, ten newcomers, seven from Spain and three from Hungary, who want to start a vocational training in geriatric care in the fall, were officially welcomed at the BAP in Passau with shandy and a typical Bavarian snack Leberkäse.
District administrator Franz Meyer, councilor Sissi Geyer, managing director of the BAP Barbara Brauckmann and the head of geriatric nursing school in Passau Joachim Berga welcomed the brave participants of the project and wished them good luck on becoming geriatric nurses in a new country.
For the newcomers the typical Bavarian snack was the first taste of the Bavarian culture and it tasted well for all of them. Hopefully, the language skills and the internships at the nursing homes will also run smoothly and will provide a good start for the vocational training that will begin in September.

Apprenticeship project “Care for Care” begins (April 2013)

On the 2nd of Mai 2013 seven Spanish and three Hungarian participants of the project “Care for Care” start an internship in geriatric care facilities in Passau. Parallel to the internship an intensive German language course over a period of three month takes place in the BAP.
After a successful termination of the internship and the language course the participants should proceed to an apprenticeship as an examined geriatric nurse.
In a second step, starting from August 2013 a group of 10 professionals with a bachelor's degree in geriatric care is expected to come to the region of Passau from August 2013 as part of the “Care for Care” project.
BAP carries out the project in cooperation with EUROPCARE situated in Kirchheim, München.
Patrons of this project are the mayor of the town of Passau and the district administrator of the district of Passau.
The project is funded by the federal program MobiPro-EU. It receives further financial support from the district of Passau.
Cooperation partner of “Care for Care” is the employment agency Passau.

further information about the project (PDF-Download)

The Care for Care project is carried out within the program Mobipro-EU of the Federal Ministry of Labor.

Further information about this program is published on the website: www.thejobofmylife.de 

The project is directed to young people from the EU between 18 and 35 years and aims to contribute to the high rate of youth unemployment, particularly in the southern European countries of the EU. At the same time it assures the need for skilled workers in Bavaria in the field of geriatric care.